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Past Honorees / Black Tie Galas

2023 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

2023 eck collage.JPG



Evelyn "Champagne" King

Glenn Jones

Miles Jaye


B.B. & Q Band

Audrey Wheeler

Lenny Green



Stuart Bascombe of Black Ivory, Vannessa Jordan, Freddie Fox, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Bowlegged Lou

and Maurice "The Voice" Watts

2023 group shot 2.JPG
2023 honorees collage.JPG

Grandmaster Dee of Whodini, Paul Anthony & Bowlegged Lou of Full Force, Glenn Jones and Norman Connor, Audrey Wheeler, Lenny Green and Alyson Williams.

Percy Prince and The Ladies of Skyy

Kevin Robinson of B.B. & Q Band acceptance speech

2022 Black Tie Gala & Honorees



Keni Burke

Claudette Robinson

The Tymes

Janie Bradford

Joe Jefferson

Bruce Hawes

Charles Simmons

Shirley Jones

Lillo Thomas

gala 2022.JPG
keni van.jpg

Keni Burke with Vannessa Jordan

Claudette Robinson "The First Lady of Motown" acceptance speech

cover 2 stage.jpg

2019 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

black tie gala flyer 9th.jpg



The Isley Brothers

Dyana Williams


Black Ivory 50 years

Dexter Wansel

The Ritchie Family

Debi Jackson

rnb 445.jpg

Ron and Ernie Isley of

The Isley Brothers received

Lifetime Achievement Awards

and Proclamations

on stage at their show in

Atlantic City, NJ

Black Ivory Celebrating 50 Years

Bloodstone receiving

Lifetime Achievement Awards

2018 Black Tie Gala & Concert

10th anniversary front back.JPG



Mic Murphy &

David Frank

The System


rahiem van.JPG

Stuart  / Rahiem / Vannessa

2017 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

honorees gala 7th - Copy ( 1).jpg



Gamble & Huff

Siedah Garrett

Phil Hurtt

Betty Wright

Bunny Sigler

Bobby Starr

First Choice

Crown Heights Affair

Touch of Class

Tony & Sunshine

Maurice "The Voice" Watts


Siedah Garrett and

Touch of Class


Kenny Gamble

Betty Wright

Siedah Garrett


Betty Wright and

Bowlegged Lou

Of Full Force

Jamming to Gamble & Huff 1st hit, "Expressway To Your Heart" lead by Stuart Bascombe of Black Ivory and Dennis Taylor with background vocals by Kenny Gamble, Siedah Garrett, Betty Wright, Jean Carn, Phil Hurtt, Kathy Sledge, Russell Thompkins Jr. (The Stylistics), Double Exposure, Blue Magic, Crown Heights Affair, The Unifics, Bowlegged Lou & Paul Anthony of Full Force, Vannessa Jordan-Gaston, Alyson Williams, Norman Connors, The Ritchie Family, First Choice, Mic Murphy (The System), Black Ivory, Cliff Perkins, William Day, Allure, Touch of Class, Dennis Taylor, William Blackshear, Maurice "The Voice" Watts, Mon Ray Francois ,Judah Dorrington, Libby Cabello and Julius "Juice' Freeman, and backed by The Cason Express Show Band..

2016 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

6th gala flyer honorees.jpg



Sarah Dash

Leon Sylvers

Chris Jasper

Keith Sweat

Billy Brown

Patrick Adams

Will Downing

Betty LaVette

Edna Wright

Shelly Clark

Honey Cone

shelly edna.jpg

Edna Wright and Shelly Clark

chris lou paul 2016.jpg
russell lerory billy stuart.jpg
jean sarah.jpg

Jean Carne and Sarah Dash

Paul Anthony / Chris Jasper / Bowlegged Lou

Russell/Leroy/Billy Brown/Russell Thompkins/Stuart

2015 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

5th black tie gala.webp



Little Anthony

Millie Jackson

Ted Mills (Blue Magic)

Michael Henderson

Tom Moulton

Kathy Sledge

D Train Williams

Regina Belle

Felix Hernandez

sarah van anthony monray maurice.jpg

Stuart Bascombe & Ted Mills

Kathy Sledge

Sarah Dash / Little Anthony & Vannessa Jordan

2014 Black Tie Gala & Honorees



Al Bell

Kool & The Gang

The Manhattans
Con Funk Shun

Earl Young of The Trammps

Full Force 30th Anniversary
Norman Connors
Royal Bayyan

Jean Carne

Alyson Williams
Linda Lou McCall
Meli'sa Morgan

The Unifics

Force MDs

4th gala 94.JPG
van kool gang.jpg
con fun shun gala 2014.jpg

Con Funk Shun & Linda Lou McCall

Kool & The Gang receiving their awards backstage in Atlantic City, NJ

                                        Celebrating 50 Years

2013 Black Tie Gala & Honorees



Marshall Thompson

of The Chi-Lites

Bobby Eli & Vinnie Barrett

Leroy Burgess
  The Delfonics

Soul Generation

The Ladies of Skyy

 Cuba Gooding Sr.

Rochelle Fleming

of First Choice 

Joe Bataan

Double Exposure
Pauli Carman of "Champaign"
Al Goodman of

Ray Goodman & Brown

3rd black tie gala.jpg
3rd gala stage.jpg

2009 Black Tie Gala & Honorees

2nd gala pic.jpg
blue magic gala.jpg



Billy Paul

Russell Thompkins Jr.

Vaughn Harper

Blue Magic

Black Ivory 40 Years

The Escorts

Kevin Owens /RG&B

russell 2nd gala.jpg
the escorts 2nd gala.jpg
black ivory gala 2nd.jpg
op billy blanch.jpg

Billy Paul & Blanche Williams

             1st Black Tie Gala 2008

1st Black Tie Gala.jpg
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