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Selection Process




1) Selections should be based on those recording artists that have performed in Atlantic City, have at least 25 years in the industry and songs that peaked on Billboard, Cash Box and/or Record World Top 100 Charts.



2) Selection Committee Members shall submit their choices for induction in the appropriate category. Three choices for Soul/R&B Artist (s), Three (3) for Jazz Artist (s), Three (3) for Popular Artist (s) and Three (3) for Bands for a total of Twelve (12) selections. The Twelve (12) selections are for the 2023 induction ceremony. There may be more or less in the following years.

 3) All selections will be read at the first meeting. Selection Committee Members will have discussions on why they think their choices should be included in the induction ceremony. If three (3) or more committee members have the same artist (s) as their choice, that selection will become a final entry for induction. If three or more committee members agree on a selection, that too will become a final entry.



4) At the second meeting, the committee will vote on each remaining selection. The majority shall rule. If there isn’t a majority vote, the Chairperson will make the final decision. All categories shall be filled by the conclusion of the second meeting.

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