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"Museum Building Fund Drive"

  We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

All Donations of $50.00 or more

receives membership for one year.

$100.00 - receives a T-Shirt

$250.00 - receives a T-Shirt and Hat

$500.00 - receives a T-Shirt, Hat and 2 Gala Tixs

$1K - receives all above plus your name on our wall of sponsors.


Please donate as much you can to help in the preservation of this great music we all love.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


Greetings to all members and supporters of the National R&B Music Society. On behalf of the Executive Board of the “NR&BMS” we are pleased to announce GREAT NEWS!


As many of you are aware, one of the primary missions of the "NR&BMS" is to build a National R&B Music Society Museum that will preserve the legacy and honor the contributions to Soul and R&B music for the purpose of entertaining and educating the public.


It has been several years since we first espoused that vision, and during that time you have shown your support by making donations, signing petitions, attending events and devoting your time and talents to the growth of this organization. For this reason we are exceedingly grateful and supremely optimistic that together we can complete our mission. Thank you all. That is why it is our pleasure to announce that we are currently in meetings that should secure significant funding and the location for our museum.


We have the support of the parties involved but we must raise additional funds, and soon. Toward that end the "NR&BMS" is now launching a "Museum Building Fund Drive" and setting our goal at $500,000 dollars. Because our Facebook fan page reaches over one million users a week it offers a huge potential to find donors. That is why even small donations can be of tremendous help in reaching our goal and achieving our dream. We are now seeking your support as well as the support of private and corporate sponsors.


We have never needed your help more and time is of the essence. We are asking all of our members and our supporters to make a donation of $5.00 or more to the "NR&BMS Museum Building Fund". We are convinced that with the support of our membership, our loyal fan base and public and private support we will be successful in achieving this worthwhile goal! We thank all for your continued support and it's time for "LET'S GO!!!!!!"

The National R&B Music Society Museum Media Complex
The museum complex will include a library that reveals photographs, video tapes, artifacts, newspaper clippings, microfilms, memorabilia and multiple exhibit halls.  In addition, a 500 seat state of art theater/supper club that would feature live performances, wax figures, a multimedia room that will be home to a community radio station and recording studio, gift shop, greenroom, dressing-rooms, and musical stage performances outlining the history of R&B music. 

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