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Vannessa Jordan

Vannessa Jordan's lifetime association within the music industry has led her through a path of becoming an integral figure in the creation and founding of "The National Rhythm & Blues Music Society". She was elected the organization's first President upon incorporation in 2008.  Her love of Soul/R&B music and the pioneers who were instrumental in creating and developing what is now termed as "Old School Music", has fueled her passion and drive to help ensure that so many of those overlooked artists and those associated within the industry, are honored for their contributions to the world of music.  With like-minded partners, "The National Rhythm & Blues Music Society" was formed.


During her youth she experienced close access to the artists and their music as her family and friends owned night clubs in New York City.  It was during this time that she met and married, the then drummer and band leader for Blue Magic, who also became the drummer for The Stylistics in the early 80's.  Vannessa has never been too far from the music industry since. 

During the 90's, Vannessa became Vice-President of D.G Productions & Entertainment and started promoting her own shows in Atlantic City, NJ. bringing in talent such as Aaliyah, Brownstone, Changing Faces, Tony Terry, and other 90's acts.

As President/CEO of The National R&B Music Society, Vannessa Jordan is responsible for bringing over 95 Classic Soul/R&B Artists to Atlantic City for the City of Atlantic City Free Summer Concerts Series between 2009 - 2013, 2015 and 2019, 2021 and 2022.  Vannessa along with The City of Atlantic City produced the summer concerts series, which were comprised of 3 to 5 shows per summer.

It was Vannessa's idea to establish an Atlantic City Walk Of Fame and Induction Ceremony, to honor those recording artists that paved the way for today's artists. Her proposal was approved by Mayor Marty Small Sr., in March 2022. The first inductions was held on April 24, 2023, and presented by The National R&B Music Society.


Professionally, as a Business Agent, focusing on Union Affairs, she spent many years in the Food & Beverage and Casino Industry working in the Grievance and Arbitration department as well.


Her background includes Certificate of Completion in Labor Law (Rutgers University), Arbitration Preparation (Rutgers University), Grievance Handling (Rutgers University), Labor Arbitration Advocacy, Contract Negotiations (Rutgers University). In addition, Vannessa is a Certified Union Counselor, and Certified Health & Safety Trainer (Rutgers University).


During her union years, Vannessa was very active politically and served as an Atlantic County Delegate and Galloway Township Committee Woman.

Vannessa looks forward to leading The National Rhythm & Blues Music Society into a new decade of musical memories .

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